Yo Prasanga Yama Buddha Ko ho. Ya, it’s one of the songs from his album which included a recent hit, Saathi.

“Saathi” was a big for him with his style of rapping and for speaking about drug issue going on among esp. teenagers of Nepal. With a well made music video costing around 1 Lakh rupees, Yama was quiet successful to reach to the audience. But that’s NOT all. He has more to say, but we, the people aren’t listening.

Today in Nepalese context, music videos play vital role reaching to the audience and listeners both. Visual medium definitely can influence much faster than audio, but is anyone trying different. Most radio stations play tracks based on popularity gain by its music videos. It’s sad that they don’t try to give their listeners tracks without videos, which might be more appealing to the people. And something alike is going on with Yama’s track.

Yama’s “Yo Prasanga” is another awesome work which speaks out about the bitter truth of rural society and treatment to their daughters. Another must listen from the album.

Hope Nepali radio stations will someday know what they are capable of and what they can provide to their listeners, which can take them to the next level.