Yama Buddha Saathi not a copy

Yama Buddha a big HIT with his first album for his zap, for his real life lyrics and most of all the controversial music. Most call is a Copy but in fact it is not.

Especially in Nepal, producing an album or coming up as singer in radio and television media is no big deal.  Money speaks more than anything in Nepali Music and it needs no example to prove. In such “source force chalne” field, talents remain in the dark due to couple reason: 1. they are not close to RJs and VJs of the capital city, 2. they do not have money to pay those RJs and VJs, as without money they don’t play audios or videos in their shows.. and so on.

With all this going on, a talent comes up and surprises everyone with his Nep Hop music. Yama Buddha is here to rap Nepali harsh reality, and SAATHI simply says it all.

So, what’s SAATHI all about ?  Clearly explains “Saathi means FRIEND in Nepal”. But it is also about the music. That track Yama used which has been blamed as a copy. And with this, listeners somewhere put in with all those copy cats in Nepali music… Adrian Pradhan, Mt.8848 n more.

But………. we do need to know SAATHI’s track is not a copy.

So, what is it? It sounds the same as song from the east found on youtube.com

Of course, yes it is exact track but yet it’s not a copy. The track used in SAATHI by Yama is originally “How you make me feel” by shadowville.com user: slantize. It is a Royalty Free music, it can be used by anyone for a certain price (royalty). And that’s what Yama did and most rapper around the world do, as on this genre of music you are not bounded by specific music chords.

That’s what it is. Definitely not a copy. And also SAATHI is lyrically great.

Jai Nepal !!