I have been Microsoft Windows user since it’s beginning (since it came to Nepal). I have always appreciated Apple’s powerful and reliable products, but when it comes to computing, I am so used to Microsoft Windows interface that, Mac’s OS X or earlier versions do not feel user friendly to me. Though I do have to confess, except a PC, all my consumer electronic products in my home is from Apple.

Microsoft recently launched Window 8, a newer version of Windows, which looks completely redesigned from the ground, but is not. To give it a try, and to buy one for my PC I was recently at Best Buy Store. And here’s what I felt about it.

Firstly, It is not user friendly at all. Like I said, I have been using Microsoft Windows for more than a decade, and this new version felt completely different and uneasy. It’s desktop looks like some Smartphone app. It’s like those HTC theme on Android phones by HTC, behind it is same old Windows 7. Maybe it’s not but that’s what I felt while trying it. For me this is the first Windows version I would say “No, No and NO”. Though Microsoft have released some crappy versions of Windows like Windows Millennium and Vista. This seems to be the worst of all.

Also it somewhere felt like it could be more user friendly on an iPad 😛 but iOS rocks and cannot be even compared with this.

Last line, NO, I am not upgrading my Windows even if it real cheap. 39.99

(Note: I am now planning to move to Mac’s because of various reliability and performance issues.)