google chromebook pixel


Google has something new to offer. Yes, something that looks like Apple’s MacBook and even sound something alike. ChromeBook Pixel.

Before I begin why would I not buy this, I have to make it clear that I am also not another Apple fan boy who’ll buy anything Apple comes up. Yes, I use PC with Microsoft Windows.

And, here’s why I would not buy this:

1. Screen size: Aren’t such screen size old days thing? Yes, I am talking about the screen ratio which is 3:2 ratio and not a widescreen. Since I am so much in love with widescreen. I hate this.

2. Operating System: Even though it looks like a MacBook, it won’t come with operating system like Mac OS and NOT EVEN Microsoft Windows. It has Google’s Chrome OS which is web based. That means you won’t be able to use all those¬†software like Photoshop,¬†Spreadsheets or so.

3. Storage: Storage was a big shock for me when it was revealed. The maximum storage it comes with is just 32GB (64GB with LTE model). What the heck? Smartphones are getting more than that.

4. LTE: Ya, ya. We have all heard about this LTE speed and all. But it’s 100MB per month guys, and only for first two years. After that? Your annual LTE bill will be more than this Chromebook.

5. Price: With all the above, are you willing to pay 1300.00 USD for this, just because it has a touch-screen? Hell No. If you need touch-screen, get tablets for much cheaper, and there are some awesome keyboards for them these days, if you need a keyboard. Or, if you really need a laptop, get a good one like a MacBook Pro which is around same price.

To conclude, this is by far the worst product by Google.