Those viral videos of cooling down in Nepal and all of a sudden come a Nepali Kolaveri. Howz that ?

So, WHAT is this Kolaveri? Kolaveri is unexpected not just to those involved in making of this song or the movie team it belongs, it surprised Bollywood the most. No Bollywood song has been so popular like Kolaveri, which is from a Tamil movie. And the most surprising part is, it went viral even before it’s audio release and only with their making of the song video. On the other hand, Kolaveri has made people round the world know more about Tamil movies which also discloses that most Bollywood blockbusters are Tamil remakes.

So, Why this Nepali Kolaveri? For most of us, point is we are loving it and sharing it in our social networks. Yet, why not think WHY because we all know Bollywood does nothing without benefits. Making a Nepali version seems Nepalese being respected to some extend, or could be a publicity stunt targeting Nepalese. Does that mean something is coming? Something Bollywood wants Nepalese to take it lightly or hug it with warmth even if it’s little bitter? Who knows?

On the other hand, Bollywood see Nepal as a fruitful territory for their movies. And with good Nepali movies budding up, Bollywood movies are hurting here. One recent example is between LOOT and AGNIPATH. Almost 50% of Agnipath shows were cut off for Nepali movie LOOT. So, could this Nepali Kolaveri be a way of bringing that Nepali audience back to Bollywood movies?

Who knows? Whatever, it is fore sure that if Nepali movies are well made, Nepalese will love and watch Nepali movies.

Jai Nepal !

UPDATE: It’s a promotional act for her upcoming movie BUTTERFLY.