Adobe Creative Cloud CC

Within just few days of its launch, social media is full of anger on Adobe CC. And it’s no coincidence that I hate it for the same reasons.

  1. You cannot buy these new CC verion softwares. Yes, since it’s subscription based now, you’ll be paying monthly to use the software you need. And when subscripton ends, you’ll have nothing with you, like previous software you used to buy and own forever.
  2. If you aren’t using all their sofwares that’s in the suite, you might not be able to afford it. You pay 49.99 USD monthly for renting all software suite. But do you really use all of them. For someone like me I use Photoshop ONLY. As per their another plan that will cost me 19.99 USD per month. And worst part, I can never own one, it’s just renting from them.
  3. After you start using Creative Cloud, you are forced to use it. How? All files you create with their software won’t open without that same software in most case. So, if your subscription end, you ended up not being able to use your own files.
  4. So, is it pricey or cheap? Just calculate yourself using just one software for next 10 years (as minimum period as most professionals will be using them their whole life). 10years x 12months x 19.99 = 2398.80 USD. And if you use more than one software that will go upto 5998.80 USD.

So, lets now subscribe to Adobe’s Creative Cloud and start renting as dumb. Lets not use Adobe CC and make Adobe realize where they went wrong.