Apple WWDC 2013


Like every year, Apple WWDC event was held today revealing their iOS and OS X upgrade.

Here’s a brief of what was revealed:

OS X Mavericks for Macs with some new features:

  • Tabs & Tags: Tabs we use on web browsers are now brought to applications. Not a great stuff but seem useful. Tags as in how we tag posts in websites and pictures in social media.
  • Multiple Display: Improvement in multiple displays for professionals, which will also work on TV via Apple TV.
  • CPU usage and Battery Life: Improvement on CPU usage resulting better battery life on Mac.
  • iCloud Key Chain: Apple’s version of password manager. Nothing big.
  • Maps on Mac: Apple’s Maps app on Macs, which can send directions to drive to iOS devices on a click.

New MacBook Air: 2x faster better than a previous version. (That’s what Apple always say, May be next time they should come up with a product that’s 20times faster to atleast impress me)

Sneak Peak of MAC PRO, assembled in USA. It’s a PRO not for regular users. Not released yet.

iWork in iCloud: Apple’s popular iWorks apps can now run on any internet browser, even of a PC. It can handle Microsoft office files too.

iOS 7 with not new but flat design, and not that awesome in present context:

  • Auto updates Apps.
  • Air Drop which lets you share with your friends much easily than beaming in Android, but won’t work in iPhone 4S or older versions.
  • Photo Management: Auto manages photos in photos App, much needed one.
  • Siri: Not as smarter as Apple is saying, but few good things, and got little more knowledge. Turn on and off various settings using Siri.
  • Radio on iTunes: Like Pandora and iHeart App, nothing that new, but will be within iTunes App.

Beside all above, iOS 7 has some other features many of us have been using on your jailbroken iPhones. Apple should really thank the jailbreak community for this.

And OK event for the iPhone users. Personally I didn’t like those icons that much, looks more like the early stage icons of Google+.

One of year to wait to see if Apple will again come up with a bang with a completely new iPhone next year, following an upgraded version iPhone 5s this fall.

Miss you Steve Jobs.