The Top 10 CNN Heroes of 2012 has been announced. And it’s an honor to see a Nepali citizen this year too. But more than her nationality, it’s her deed that makes every Nepali proud of her.

Puspa Basnet is a social worker who have changed lives of the children who were in imprisoned for no crime. So Unfair, so true but that how life is. When parents are imprisoned for their crime, where would their 2 yr old kid go or live? Of course with them inside the prison despite their innocence, which means a darkest future.

But things have changed now. Thanks to Puspa Basnet and her Non-Profit Organization, Early Development Childhood Center.

Puspa Basnet was 21 this thought came in her mind. With her other friends who were studying Bachelor in Social Work with her, she started her organisation since bringing those kids out of those prisons daily for better education and environment wasn’t possible as an individual.

And rest it history.

It’s a humble request to everyone out there. Lets vote for Puspa. CLICK HERE TO VOTE

Jai Nepal