Internet is the most powerful medium of communication. No one can deny that. And among many, one such technology that has used this medium at it best is telecommunication. And within this category came VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), which a one world kind of idea started by some hobbyists in Israel in 1995. It had same basic principal as of now: Every device connected to internet is recognized or has a unique IP address like And the concept of VOIP was to use those communication devices to talk with each other no matter wherever two individuals are. That Israeli hobby is now one of the most used technology in the world.
But where does Nepal fall in use of such powerful tool?

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It’s surprising to people around the world that, VOIP is illegal in Nepal. It’s a CRIME. Yes, it sounds funny and unfair at the same time. But it’s true. Nepal government have also blocked many VOIP websites via telecommunications companies in the country.,,, are few of them. And behind such inappropriate law is Nepal Telecom, Nepal’s largest telecommunication company owned by the government. The government make huge profit every year from the Telecom for international call, and use of VOIP will result to loss of that profit. (Though, it always seem to be in LOSS, as that’s how it is in ALL Nepal government owned companies and offices.)

But will blocking website punishing VOIP device users stop the people of Nepal using VOIP services? The government think they can. And we all know how dumb they are.

And here’s the deal: Will Nepal government stop people to use smartphones soon? Cuz’ they have it all. One very popular among all is Viber, a VOIP App that lets you talk with anyone who has that app in their smartphone. And good thing about Viber is, its availability in various platforms. Get a Viber app on your iPhone or Android phone or Windows phone, Blackberry phone or even NOKIA. Yes, Nokia phones are the most used cellphones in Nepal. And Viber can be installed on Nokia phones too.

Viber isn’t the only software. There are various other popular software, some even with video features like Skype, Oovoo etc. Let’s see how Nepal government tries to stop us from using these Apps.

Till then, Talk free with your loved ones abroad.

jai Nepal !