It’s not Sisa Gal, it’s VISA Girl. Above graphic was just made with my sense of humor, and like it says is a fan based work holding no copyright.

Nepali movie makers have been doing different recently. Where Nischal Basnet rocked with his movie, Loot and Apabad did quiet well, most movies still failed to touch Nepalese audiences’ heart. Among them, some were pointed to be same as old RekhaThapa-NikhilUprety types with English titles, some over-hyped and some promoted such a way that audience were expecting something else and the movie turn out to be something else. Even after all that, we have to say Nepali movies are getting better.

Visa Girl is another movie on that line. Watching it promotional videos do make us expect some brilliant work. There are mixed reactions about its songs but more seem to like them, especially Ekkai Chhinma sang by Santosh Lama. On the other hand, people do have noticed some amateur announcement from them like proclaiming it’s poster as the best in Nepali cinema history. Also their promotional theme “Yo Mann Ta Mero Nepali Ho” seem quiet confusing. I see it as a very good way to promote a Nepali movie and a way to make people aware about Nepali movies being made. But on the other hand, if audience expect the story of Visa Girl to have the same sentiment as “Yo Mann Ta Mero Nepali Ho” and the movie turn out to be something else, they might hate it.

Anyways, wish Visa Girl and CG Entertainment all the best for it’s success.

Jai Nepal