viber kicks Nepal telecom


For greed to charge huge amount on international calls, Nepal Telecom and Nepal government has banned using VOIP services in Nepal. In our earlier post in here, we have talked about this issue and mentioned Smartphone Apps like Viber is something that’ll ROCK in NEPAL. And there’s another awesome news from Viber. It has come to our desktop now kicking Nepal Telecom’s ass hard.

Viber is an App for smartphones which lets you make calls to other Viber users for FREE. Since, it’s a FREE App to install in most of the smartphones, it makes international calls with just internet needed. And even better new is, if you do not have a smartphone now you can make those FREE calls from your desktop.

With video features added, the desktop version is here to ROCK in Nepal. We’d love to see what Nepal Telecom and Nepal government can do about this now.

Jai Nepal