The United States Air Force special aircraft C-17, landed here at Tribhuvan International Airport at 2:30 PM and left the airport at around 5:10 PM on Thursday. Huge questions have been raised towards the US embassy in Kathmandu as well as to the government about the why and what cargo was unloaded here in Nepal?  With high question raised in media, the Government of Nepal and the US Embassy has so far remained silent over the issue.

Though, some sources are saying that the aircraft delivered huge loads of weapons. So, where could that be used or who could be using those weapons?

1. It could be used by Free Tibet protesters in China, which can be supplied through Nepal China border.

2. It could be a supply for Vaidya and his Maoist Party for another civil war in Nepal. They need weapons to stop election, since they submitted their weapon during the peace process.

3. It might sound unbelievable but yes it could be used to expand religion based terror in India which is going on in some states.

What do you think these weapon had been brought in Nepal for? Afghanistan? No way.

Wonder why no international media have published this news?

Jai Nepal !