Are you tired of getting loads of junk mails in your mail box? Yes, I know, all they do is waste your time. And many do not know that throwing such junk mails in trash spreads your address to more marketers resulting even more junk mails. And also we do waste our time receiving marketing calls. And sometime thinking as marketing calls, we miss some very important calls too. So, what can be done?

About junk mails, you can either buy a shredders which cut paper into tiny pieces, use them to dump your address safely and expect no more junk mails than what you are currently getting. Or, a better way you can stop them all in just few minutes, and yes there’s a way to stop marketing calls too.

Here’s what to do.

To stop all the junk mails, go to, register a FREE account and vertify it,
Then, go to “Manage by Mail”, and click on “Catalogs”,
At the bottom of the page you’ll see a yellow button, Click the button which will stop all the junk catalogs you get,
Now repeat the process for “Magazines” and “Other Mails”.

After that,

Go to and fill your information and Opt-Out. This will stop all the credit card mails.

And lastly, go to and register your numbers to stop getting marketing calls. You can all multiple phone numbers at a time, so you don’t have to repeat the process multiple times for your family members.

Hope this helps and do know this will also keep you away from frauds.

Jai Nepal !