At this point of time when we Nepalese had almost forgotten what we used to be, I think we should all be thankful to first the earthquake and now the Indian president of India, Narendra Modi for reminding us what and who we are.

Nepal is known worldwide for it’s natural beauty and more than that the people.┬áThe generosity of us towards any human being be it someone we know or a stranger is what has always made us special among the world. But we must agree things had change in the recent time and we were slowing transforming ourselves to a selfish creatures until now.

We should really be thankful to Narendra Modi that his decision of blockade of food and fuel for Nepal has killed our selfishness and we are all helping each other with ride sharing and helping out those without fuel for cooking.

Thank you Modi for helping our realized who we really were and what have we become. We have now corrected ourselves because of your blunder.

On a second note, also thank you for bringing your true face forward to the world. We would like to salute your for your deed with out middle finger.

Jai Nepal !