sony a7s mirrorless 4k echitwan


Looking for something portable yet future proof? Sony announces it’s 4K mirrorless camera Alfa 7s at NAB 2014.

Though DSLRs are still favorite among the indie film makers and amateurs, Mirrorless are taking that place slowly with it’s portable factor. And with this new mirrorless, Sony might come up in the game against Canon’s full frame DSLR 5D Mark III.

It has a full 12.2 megapixel Full Frame sensor with amazing dynamic range and low light capabilities with maximum ISO of 409,600. Although you’ll need an external monitor to get the 4K (8bit 4:2:2) video which works through HDMI 2.0, it has no line-skipping, pixel binning differs this from other affordable 4K cameras.

sony alfa a7s mirrorless 4k