Prime Minister Bhattarai is one big news in Nepal now and then with his filmy style works though people seem not to see things going on behind.

Choosing his first ride, made in Nepal – SHERPA JEEP was his first big news which was exactly the same as in an Indian movie, Nayak where the lead actor rides autorickshaw after he becomes the president. Since then, big headlines on Nepal’s PM are no different than various scenes of that same movie.

And then news of broadening the roads of Kathmandu came up. Though this time it was different. Only after couple days of this another news came out, news of corruption going on in the making of those wide roads. I believe but this news of corruption was supressed by the government and its power.

And again, another news came out recently where PM was cleaning streets of Kathmandu and calling all the residents of Kathmandu to come out on the roads and clean the city. Should we call it wow or another bullshit where there are more important works to be done like making a constitution.

On the other hand, Municipalities are formed by the people to do various duties and we pay those employed there as a form of Tax. If people are coming on the street to keep cities clean, why pay taxes or why do we even need Municipalities if we start doing things done by them ourselves. Is Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai shutting down Municipalities or planning for Tax Free Kathmandu?

Jai Nepal


  1. Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai has a habit of engaging in activities that are intended to publicize his existence as a key political figure. It is therefore not a surprise that he was trying to get Kathmandu residents to participate in cleaning the roads. This was just one of his publicity stunts. However, he failed to hit the nail on the head on this one because this work belongs to the Municipalities.