It’s a worldwide phenomenon that Sex Sells, and that’s what created companies like PLAYBOY back in 1953. And that’s why Chapali Height is making huge these days in Nepal.

Chapali Height breaks couple Nepali movie screening records and is making ton of money from theaters around Nepal right now. And Sex has everything to do with this. Chapali Height, the movie was made in around 12 lakh rupees, which is the cheapest ever in Nepali Cinema. This is also the movie with least money spent on promotion, as various controversies like topless actress pictures, nude posters promoted it for free.

To some, Chapali Height is a way to let boys and girls watch 2nd class porn in a big screen. It’s success in a way clarifies the changing societies in Nepal, in other hand makes us think how and where such sex exploitation can take us and our upcoming generations in future. Not to forget, most societies in Nepal are reserved in terms of Sex and this is shocking for them.

Is porn movies on multiplex, the future?