I recently came to know that Nepali comedy TV series are dying due to financial issues. And it’s very sad also in a sense that, where most Nepali television viewers are more into Indian TV series, these few who are about to close were those standing out.

Where Nepal is without electricity most of the time, which makes viewers unable to watch these TV series and advertisements that come along. This definitely leads to Ad agencies cutting down TV advertisement, but there are various other ways.

One awesome way the world has been using is Internet. All these Nepali comedy TV series are being watched worldwide by Nepalese around the world via internet. Unfortunately, they are all uploaded illegally without any rights and they are lowest in quality.

Instead, what if the makers upload it themselves FULL QUALITY VIDEO with monthly or annual subscription? Even if makers charge a dollar per subscription, they’ll make money for sure. Else than that, they’ll need to file complaints about illegal uploads.

Hope to see this in future.

Jai Nepal