Santosh Panta’s Son Returns Home as Daughter

Santosh Panta’s son returns home after 8 hours of sex reassignment surgery and couple days of bed rest in Bangkok.

This isn’t unusual in most western countries where people do whatever they want to not caring how would people react or in other word, they take such step to be different and be a story or be in a headlines. Though Nepal’s story is quiet surprising and different.

Nepal is known worldwide in various terms. One them that makes Nepal respectful to foreigners is people social nature and NOT “I don’t care” type. Budding of gays has been a bitter surprise to the Nepalese society. On that context, reassignment surgery is no different. Yet, what surprises the most reaction from Santosh Panta’s family members where Santosh has always been taken as celebrity who represents a normal middle class Nepali in most of his works including his TV series, Hijo Aaja Ka Kura.

Panta family’s acceptance could be taken as something needs a real guts or could be a well directed act to face the media easily. Panta’s wife told the media, “After our elder daughter’s death, we always wanted to have a daughter, and thankfully here he is..oops here she is.

Santosh Panta’s son/daughter Pratik is that same kid who played on the popular TV ad for a vegetable oil.