I believe this is the first ever post that includes Rekha Thapa in this blog, or say the first shameless post.

In a recent interview of Rekha Thapa, she calls most of Nepalese in America, homeless. This has been a shocking interview for most Nepalese living in America, as she had another interview while she was here in USA.

Here’s that interview:

But again, leaving these all aside, I have few questions that will answer many questions relating why most co-called actresses come abroad and how they manage the travel financially, as it’s not cheap to travel and stay even for few days. In this context, lets have some questions about Rekha Thapa.

  1. When Rekha Thapa was in USA, where did she stay in USA in different states? Hotels? Do you know how much do they cost for a day? Though, there are rumors of Nepalese celebrities staying with Nepalese home and even in their beds with them.
  2. How did she travel here in USA? Did she rent a car? Do you know how much renting a car cost? and for non-residents? So, how did she travel?
  3. And to a final simple question, do you know these so-called celebrities work in Subways and gas stations while they are on a visit?
  • Jai Nepal !