As someone also living in United States of America, I must say, I had no idea who she’s or don’t really know someone who knows her.

Turns out she was an actor back in Nepal. She moved to USA, lived here for last 7 years and recently was in Nepal for a visit. That’s what I learned from this video, plus lot more.

Meanwhile, here are some fact checks:

  1. Yes, Nepal has changed a lot in last 7 years,
  2. She’s no way known as an actress in USA. Who’s she? Nobody knows her except her friends.
  3. When she said business. You cannot start a business just like that like in Nepal. You have to have a proper legal status even before you begin the process;
  4. Not willing to go to USA (back in her young life) sounds bullshit. Be real,
  5. She only seems to be talented to talk shit all day,
  6. If she’s saying, nobody has secure in Nepal, what can I say? She’s an idiot,
  7. Btw, she didn’t even understand some followup question,
  8. Look at her, she’s on depression while shooting that video. lol, That’s what she was saying,
  9. And she spoke about Normal Nepalese vs Nepalese celebs. That’s what I would call the biggest joke of the video. lol

Let us know if you want us to fact check more.


Would you be interested to know more on how true she is and how much of what she’s talking is just bluff and nothing more? Write us in the comment below.