adhikari couple prachanda

Prachanda today threatened old Adhikari couple for bringing up there issue of the murder of their son by the moist during the civil war.

During he maoist civil war, Krishna Prasad, their son was killed by the maoist in Chitwan, which is said to done under Babu Ram Bhattarai’s command. Adhikari couple has been on fast for months asking for justice. Its a matter of shame that even the government do not want to punish the murderers. Where politicians are busy giving speeches around the country about Nepal bright future, this clearly states that it’s getting worse.

Today, Prachanda stated that whatever the old couple is doing is nothing but a plan to ruin the election, which was very funny and not shocking at all as Prachanda is known for his stupidity. Many also forecast that his mixture of cruelty and stupid behavior will led him to nowhere very soon.
He also threatened in front of the media that his Maoist party will take action is they are not stopped. Are we, the people of Nepal hearing this? Are we deaf or helpless?

Do know, one of the murderers in this case is now Hisila Yami’s secretary. And everyone knows Baburam Bhattarai who commanded the murder.

Hope Nepal will see justice someday and so will the old parents.

Jai Nepal