Prachanda India Slapped


Well known for his anger, stupidity and violence, Nepalese maoist leader Prachanda has been literally slapped by the Nepalese people living in India.

As a welcome party to Prachanda, a grand dinner organised by the Embassy of Nepal in India has been rejected by all the Nepalese living their who were cordially invited. Not only by the Nepalese VIPs there, almost all Nepalese organisations has rejected the event, stating Prachanda doesn’t deserve such dinner or any welcome with people’s money. They have also jointly said, since Prachanda is in India for his personal gain, no such event should happen.

Though this has not been much covered by the indian media, Nepalese living their call this “a literal slap” for selfish Prachanda.

Hats off to all the Nepalese brothers and sisters living in India for the slap. Definitely Nepalese living worldwide should learn from this.

Jai Nepal !