Today here in US is Prabal Gurung’s day, and I was well prepared. I have to say, today is my first day ever that I woke up in my Day Off. Ya, had to run through some Target stores. And of course we all know why.

I was up at 7am and went the nearest Nottingham Target from my apartment, and was there around 8:10am. First I was quiet happy not to see much people in the parking lot. But I entered the store and got disappointed. There were just 4-5 clothings hanged with not-so good fabric (great design though). So, I thought may be a bigger Target store might have more. So, I drove off to Bel Air Target, around 16 miles from there. Fortunately they had few. So, got some couple dresses from there. Meanwhile I checked Target website on my iPhone to see if I can buy from there. But guess what, most good ones I was expecting to buy were all OUT OF STOCK / SOLD OUT. Shit !

Then again after that I went to Towson Target for another change which was another 19 miles, but seemed like I was late enough to see anything left. It good to see all Prabal Gurung’s Collection sold out, yet it was sad I couldn’t buy it (for my wife).

Whatsoever, it’s a happy and proud moment to see Prabal Gurung collection in store around USA all over. And the best part is SOLD OUT part within half an hour. On the other hand it also look like Target couldn’t measure Prabal’s level of design and might have produced less than what they should have produced.

Prabal Gurung Collection is a huge success. and have to say awesome collection design by Prabal. And have to say those shoes were even more amazing.

Proud of you Prabal.

Update: Went to one more Target store driving another 8 miles and bought few more.