Prabal Gurung


Prabal Gurung officially became US citizen yesterday. While it was a joyful moment for Prabal who was a Nepali citizen, the news saddened many Nepalese around the world. It is a big question now on why he chose to become an American citizen and not Nepali.

Prabal loved his country, Nepal more than anything and have inspired many Nepalese around the world. Born in Singapore of Nepalese parents, Prabal was raised in Kathmandu, capital city of Nepal. He went to USA as a student for his further study in Fashion Design. And now he’s a very succesful fashion designer here in USA.

In many of his interviews, Prabal always spoke and admire his country, Nepal. In many occasions, he had said that he’s not only happy for himself but also for his country Nepal on his success. Then, what happened now?

Truth is being practical. That’s all.

It’s something people living abroad will understand than those back home. Nepalese residing in countries like Qatar and Saudi Arab understand this even more. If I had not left Nepal, I think even I would never understand this. But things are very different in countries around the world to Nepal.

I still remember incidents where some loafers were giving hard times to some Indian chat-pate sellers, and whole crowd (Nepalese of course) came together which led those loafers run away. That’s how it is in Nepal, I know. We don’t go by race or nationality when it comes to human rights. But things are different in other countries.

In countries like Qatar and Saudi Arab, human rights come second and citizens come first. Suppose, their citizen does something illegal to a foreigner and police arrives, they won’t arrest their citizen but the foreigner. Yes, it’s that’s cruel. and it’s somewhat the same in US. Did you think USA is in favor of Human Rights even after Iraq and Afghanistan war?

USA is the only country I have been after my homeland, Nepal. And in my experience and hearing from many, US isn’t much different that Qatar. I have seeing many Nepalese owned vehicles stolen and never found and American citizen owned vehicle stolen and found within an hour. Some years back, a Nepalese mother was lost for 3 days and police did nothing than writing a report. There have been numerous death of Nepalese gas station employees and those killers have never been caught, which is because American police don’t care. In most accidents in America, if there’s a foreigner and american citizen involved, it’s always the foreigner’s fault. That’s what cops will tell you and write a report.

These are just few examples. If you even just need to get the basic human rights in US, you have to be a US citizen. Do you think Prabal had a choice?

Anyways, I used to feel proud

Jai Nepal !


Next time a TV host will talk about Prabal, they won’t call him a Nepalese designer. It’s sad.