no more international flights in Nepal

Tribhuvan International Airport officials have recently send letters to all the Airways with international flights on wide body aircrafts notifiying no more of such flights in the airport.

Officials say, since the capacity of the airport itself is 196 ton where most of the wide body aircrafts weigh around 195 ton during take off, which is not safe. Also, officials also say that some even weigh upto 299 ton with passengers and other loads.

On the other hand, since flights are booked as early as a year for international flights, they won’t stop landing promptly.

It’s sad how every sector of Nepal is being affected by those corrupted politicians. There are rumors that politicians have been bribed billions to stop international flights in Nepal, so that India can benefit from that. Many say, incident of government authorizing Indian armies inside the Tribhuvan International Airport was within this plot.