While Nepali movie makers are ready to announce “State of Emergency” in the industry, Nepali short movie makers seems attracting audience with their quality work.

Started not so long ago in 1961, Nepali cinema industry was a appreciated industry by our neighbours also. But now things have changed a lot. With entrance of actors like Rajesh Hamal and Dhiren Shakya in the early 90s, Nepali movie audience expected a big leap in the industry but due to lack of knowledgeable and educated people in the industry, it started going down since then. And it was never looking back continued by actresses like Rekha Thapa.

Some critics blame such degrade in Nepalese movie quality to Rajesh Hamal, who chose to play more movies neglecting quality completely. There are many to blame Rekha Thapa as a successor on such. But it seems changing..

With affordable tools and knowledge gained mostly abroad and some in Nepal too, Nepalese have started coming up with good short movies and uploading in video sharing websites like youtube and vimeo. And to no surprise people are liking it  because of their quality, content and more. There are minus points on such shorts also, and the best part than feature film makers is, short makers are accepting it and improving on their other projects.

Lastly, short movie making seems grooming lots of Nepalese talents, and that’s just awesome. When well groomed, when they enter the feature film industry, good Nepali movies are sure to be produced.

Jai Nepal !