nepali movie posters

It feels great to see Nepali movie improving drastically in last few years.

Wait a minute. Or, Is it just posters?

If you are into watching Nepali movies, you do know, almost nothing has changed. But yes, there’s been a drastic improvement in Nepali movie posters. And that’s because of the involvement of Professional graphic designers and not those “so-calleds”. 😛

With equipment like the Red Epic, Nepali makers are now able to produce high quality movies like in the west; but lacks professionals in the film making discipline. Like every Professional Photographer, Filmmaker say, “It’s not the equipment but the person using it matters”. That’s exactly what’s going on in Nepali movie industry.

Hope more knowledgeable professionals of this field get in.

Jai Nepal !


So, does that mean there are no professionals in Nepali film making sector?

No, there are few. But there are also those old days so-calleds trying to trick audience as if they are the new face of Nepali cinema with good posters.

DISCLAIMER: This an audience point of view and that’s what the writer of this article is.