If you are going to watch this recently released Nepali movie, Miss U and don’t know what to expect. May be I can help you.

A triangular love story of two HEROs falling in love with the same girl. All three are very good friends. Then, a bit of western kinda change, where she accepts one guy’s love and sleeps with another while drunk. This changes their relationship. That definitely means a hot bedroom scene like mentioned in this blog before. Though not 60’s indian masala, which Nepali movie industry has been following till now, I would call it seems following 90’s indian triangular love stories.

On the other hand, singer Yash Kumar’s voice over suck on that new actor. There are some other actors like Nisha, Niraj and Darpan as a guest.

Not a MUST watch movie, though you won’t get a headache watcing it. But do not expect to get your money back if you don’t like the movie, since they are even deleting negative comments in their Facebook page.

Jai Nepal !