Nepali Facebook Faces - Kewal Rai

Internet to what it is today was unimaginable especially in a country like Nepal (country that comes among the poorest in the world). This is so overwhelming that Nepal comes among those top countries when it comes to Facebook users to country’s population ratio. Where part of the Nepalese population live without electricity, those who have reach to internet, are using it to its fullest. And that is amazing.

So, here’s a new column where we’ll be featuring Nepali Facebook users worth following. And to start with is a Nepali photographer I met in Facebook some years back, Kewal Rai.


A computer science student, currently living in Sydney, Australia, Kewal Rai is a photographer from Nepal quiet popular in Facebook Nepalese circle. Hobby turned profession, Kewal works as a freelance photographer now in Australia. His most liked are portraits which for me are beyond awesome.

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