The government of Nepal has finally banned Nepalese women under the age of 30 to go to Gulf countries (खाडी मुलुक) as domestic workers. Some are praising this decision, some are protesting against it and many do not know about or do not know why.

If Nepalese people think and are taking it as very unusual act by the government, then we should know that Nepal isn’t the only country. Countries like Kenya, Indonesia, Philippines have banned people working for Middle East long before us. And it’s all for one reason, for their own safety.

Time and again, it’s on news but we just don’t care. We are so selfish that we hardly speak until it happens to someone close to us. We forget that, such selfishness has led many sisters, aunts and mothers from Nepal to go to Middle East as domestic workers and ruin their life.

I hereby would like to let all the sisters, aunts and mothers in Nepal to know this, and please everyone lets share this and help someone not to make that wrong decision. Please do know this:

This is common in most cases that, people in the Middle East treat foreign domestic workers as slaves, and make them work hard continuously for many many hours. Many domestic workers from Nepal has been physically and sexually abused. On such abusive situations, their government is never against their people but foreigners. Their cruelty have killed many Nepalese women and many have been lucky enough to return back home though, it their worst health conditions. Middle East Cruelty is unimaginable for you and me. Lets save Nepalese women, as their are more chances of Nepalese women going to Middle East using illegal route like India, which is even more dangerous.

Lets spread the words, Save Nepalese Women.

Jai Nepal.

Featured in AlJazeera: