Microsoft Surface is finally here. And no even if you get confused if it’s an iPad with a bluetooth keyboard and smart cover at the back, it is not. It’s the lastest tablet from Microsoft.

We all agree that Apple has been a game changer in various consumer electronic products from iPod to iPhone to iPad. On the other hand, Microsoft has been leading the IT industry for more than a decade. But things seem changing.

I still remember that event of Steve Jobs, when he and his friend┬áSteve Wozniak were working on their first personal computer and it’s operating system back in the late 70s. Bill Gates stole that idea and Microsoft Windows came, which made him the richest man in the planet.

Gates does it again, but this time he’s too late. Recently launched Microsoft Surface looks so much similar to the first generation iPad with a bluetooth keyboard and a smart cover that even a 4 yr old child can say it’s a copy of an iPad. Though this time, Bill Gates did not have to go to Steve Job’s workplace to copy this idea.