Apple has dominated the market among creators and creatives for almost a decade. With premium looking products that are powerful, Apple’s iMac and Mac Pro has been the #1 choice for creatives. But it’s also true that there was basically not much competition in this space.

Microsoft seems to change that now. Microsoft has now launched a powerful desktop computer with super sleek design that can appeal the creatives for sure.

A 28-inch display that’s 12.5mm thin, with powerful specs like i7 processor, 2TB hybrid hard drive, graphics card starting GTX 980M and 32GB RAM, this sure going to attract iMac users and also those looking for sleek yet powerful desktop. Did I mention it’s display has more resolution than 4K and also 100% sRGB display? Yes, that’s awesome if you can afford it though. It’s price 2999.00 for now.

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