Ask any DSLR users and they’ll tell you how good Nikon DSLRs are in terms of dynamic range. I am a Canon user for a long time and love Canon DSLRs. But when it comes to dynamic range on DSLRs, Nikon is worth praising. But seems that is history from today.

Magic Lantern group, well known for their Magic Lantern firmware for Canon DSLRs, has come up with a Dual ISO trick which can boost dynamic range of Canon 5D Mark III & 7D to a whole new level, leaving even Nikon DSLRs far behind. Till the time this post was written, it can be used for both photo and video shooting on 5D Mark III whereas on 7D it’ll work on photography. Though there’ll be improvements and updates for sure.

Hope this update again won’t raise the price of Canon DSLRs. And to all the new DSLR buyers or upgraders, this is one big reason to buy Canon DSLRs now if you were thinking of Nikon till now.

Happy Shooting