Technology gets smaller in size with its every development. Things are getting smaller yet better in output. And one good example can be taken as shooting movies with an iPhone. Are you also planning to shoot your next short movie with your iPhone? Here’s what you might need.

If you have seen those short movies made on iPhone on various video sharing website and plan to make your own. Do know it’s not like taking out that phone from your pocket and start making a movie. There are tools or rigs that makes a phone, a movie making machine. Below are few which might help you make your next movie or a music video with your iPhone.

  • Hand Held Rig by Photojojo : It is that convert you iPhone into a hand held video rig. It costs from USD 159.00 to 169.00 depending on your iPhone model.
  • Steadicam Smoothee by Tiffen: Smoothee will make you able to shoot smooth handheld shots while walking or running with your iPhone. This costs around USD 150.00
  • Pico Dolly : A very useful rig for great dolly shots, which makes your videos look like PROs. This dolly with its fiction arm costs around USD 140.00
  • Zgrip iPhone Pro : This another option for handheld shot by Zacuto Brand. This one costs around 295.00
  • iPro Lens : Lenses are another most important thing for a good movie, so you’ll definitely need something like this. This one costs around USD 195.00
  • Glif Tripod Mount : We all know a tripod is a must for shooting video. But you cannot just mount your iPhone on a tripod just like that. So, you’ll need something like this which costs around USD 20.00

Now you planning to color correct, color grade, edit etc. also on your iPhone then these Apps will help you:

All these plus you’ll need lighting kits, since iPhone won’t give you great quality on any lighting condition. So, couple hundreds for Daylight temperature lighting kits.

Hope to see your movie soon. Do post your videos link on comment below.

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