Nepal, though gets just few hours of electricity everyday, is ahead in technology. So, to all those interested in Nepal and all round the globe, here’s 3D, THE 3 DIMENSION.

3D is now a next big thing worldwide. And Hollywood have reached its next level with James Cameron’s movie, AVATAR. Though led down by “The Hurt Locker” at this year’s Oscar, AVATAR has been praised worldwide like none other.

So, how are these movies made? Are they really big budget? Is there any way we can make 3D pictures and movies at home?

Answer is: 3D movies are made with of couse, 3D movie cameras, which has a camera has 2 lens at almost same distance as our two eyes. And again, that’s before AVATAR. Avatar uses a bit different and seriously advance technology (Watch the video below to know about it.) So, of course making 3D movies are a HUGE budget thing. Yet, there are ways to make 3D stuffs at home. YES, THERE ARE.

On the other hand, all hollywood movies aren’t shot with 3D cameras. There are many movies which were shot in 2D and later converted in 3D, for 3D viewing (Though this method lack depth and quality of the movie).

And about making 3D movies or pictures at home: both methods can be used, using a 3D camera or converting a 2D video to 3D.

Here’s how.

easy one:
Shoot a movie as you normally do. Edit it, mix it. When it’s ready for showcase, use 3D converting software and make it a 3D movie. Done ! (As mentioned above, these videos lack depth)

another way:
Buy two portable cameras that shoot video attach both of them like in the picture below. Shoot video with both at the same time. the Mix those two video into a 3D using a software. This outputs a perfect 3D video.

Two Portable Cameras put together:

Those were cheaper ways to make 3D movies at home. Also, there’s an easy way now, that’s go and buy a consumer level 3D cameras, as they are available now.

Here’s a 3D conversion software: