If you are into photography or videography or just own a DSLR camera, then you definitely know what Magic Lantern. Or, if you don’t than you are seriously missing something that can take your work to next level or make your work much easier than ever.

Big camera manufactures keep various useful features way on their cheaper camera models to differentiate them the the Pro/expensive ones. And every enthusiast do not big money to buy those expensive ones. Here’s when Magic Lantern comes. A third party firmware for Canon DSLRs that adds all those High End cinema features like in the Pro models. If you haven’t tried yet, I personally suggest you should.

And to all those Magic Lantern users and followers, Magic Lantern 2.3 Stable is out. For now it’s available to those donating 10 Euros (USD 12), but will be free to download from August 13, 2012.

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