The Beijing’s Olympic ceremony was jaw dropper to the world. It in a sense was a showcase of power to the world and on the other hand was a statement, “See what China can do”.

With such successful showcase in china, expectation was high from the next host and also was a question, “will the next Olympic host be able to do better?”

And the question was all answered. Yes, it was.

Themed on various generations, lifestyles, industrial changes and more of the people of United Kingdom, this ceremony was a proof of art being in the blood of british. What an artistically amazing ceremony.

On the other hand, London also proved their power on the internet by being able to block every single unauthorized video of the ceremony uploaded on the internet. Hats off to the London Olympic Committee. You guys seriously rocked on this. And to all those internet savvy, “खाने मुखलाई …ले छेक्दैन”. Ain’t it? You must have watched it online like I did.

Once again, Hats off London.