When Apple came up with their new cable for their devices, consumers did not really see the reason behind it. It was more of a smaller and both ways plug in form factor for the Apple users. But it did not take long to experience the reason behind it. Apple was trying to make more money from the cable and chargers by not letting cheap third party cables and chargers work on the iOS devices.

I was one of those who were very frustrated by this. My 1.00 dollar chargers suddenly stopped working after an update on my iPhone 5s. So, I was left with the cables and chargers I got with iPhone 5s and iPad Air. One of the most frustrating thing was, I was not able to charge my phone in my car. But I waited, waited and waited till this day, as I was pretty sure someone will hack the hell out of it.

Yes, it’s been hacked. Apple, here’s my tongue for you. 😛

A Chinese company has finally hacked the lightning cable and bypass the authorization process. Now it’s time to buy cheap cables and chargers for your iOS devices working again. Get yours here : http://imod.co/

By the way, trying to make more money out of cables and chargers, after already making us pay huge amount of their product, Apple is and will be loosing their customers since it’s competitors like Samsung, HTC and few others are more open with third party stuffs.