katmandu movie

Among numerous movies I have watched till date, there were few which I had this opinion, “Trailer, The only good part of the movie”. Katmandu falls among them to me.

Though looks very interesting in its trailer, Katmandu, the movie tells a different story. The movie has many stories all mixed and messed together, making it a worst soup made by hundred cooks. It’s a story of a hero woman from abroad who comes to a poor country Nepal and help slums of Nepal with good food and education. It’s also a story of a hero woman who choose to help the slums of Nepal instead of living with a good loving husband. It’s also a story of a hero woman whose search help rescue a young girl sold in India. It’s also a story of a spanish woman who is in Nepal teach and decides to take care of the slums. It’s also the story about showcasing the bitter side of Nepal.

Personally I hated it. Hated badly. Wish Nepalese government was wise enough to allow film permits to foreigners only after going through scripts, so that foreigners won’t just showcase crap about Nepal and us, Nepalese.

On the technical side, it do not look like a 4.5 Million Euro film at all. There are less scenes shot beautifully and more makes you feel like the team was in a rush while making this movie. Background score is a very weak part of this movie. It almost has no background scores. Sound it OK, not like a 4.5 Million Euro budget film. And the worst part is direction and acting, which makes this film look like a learner’s work and not professional.

Last word, I am very disappointed by this movie. Have to say, “ful ko aakha ma fulai sansaara, kaada ko aakha ma kaadai sansaara”.

Jai Nepal !