ipad air


Yet again, Apple launches another upgrade (not a new product of course) which is lighter, faster and thinner than it’s previous version. As an Apple product user for long time, it’s kinda irritating to me. Anyways, the new iPads are here in both sizes and yes lighter, faster and thinner. LOL

If you take a minute to think you might be surprised to know that Apple products has not gone through big change after Steve Jobs death. Like iPhone got longer, iPad got smaller and thinner, faster and all. Nothing really seemed changed to me at least. Where Apple is self praising for what they have been coming out many Apple product users are calling it a disaster. Is Apple going down again?

Co-founded by Steve Jobs, Apple died as a company once when Steve Jobs was out of Apple. When it came back to Apple, he took it the level we know Apple today. But again with his death, Apple seem dying again.

Apple, prove me wrong. Slap with another amazing innovation soon and boggle by mind with awesome iPhone next.