For me, this is the most asked question of all times. Some want to hack their friend’s account, some their partners, some want to learn it for fun. For some reason, everyone wants to learn this.

So what is hacking anyway?
For me in a very simple term, it’s an art of making this do what they are not supposed to, or doing things using such what they are not meant for. Though, these days the term, “hacking” is mostly used in computers and internet sectors, where hacking is an act of finding loopholes or weakness of computer networks and getting into it.

So, Is hacking Facebook Accounts really possible?
Answer is YES. But that doesn’t mean anyone who use facebook can do it. It’s not that easy.

Now, reading this some might be laughing at the post, but do know my friend, everyday world’s most secured websites are being hacked and left dead for days, like last week it was Cambridge University, UK’s website, a month back was Yahoo’s server. Even FBI and other US government websites have been hacked in the past. So, do know it is possible.

Till couple days back, the highest number of facebook accounts hacked has been due to bug/weakness in Google Chrome web browser which has now been fixed. And again their are still other ways to hack facebook accounts. Like one very common method among facebook hackers is ARP Poisoning.

Can’t reveal more than that, or won’t you hack my facebook account?

have a nice day