2012 has been a great beginning for Nepali Cinema and I believe no one will disagree with me if I say it started with Highway even before it’s release.

Yes, if one cinema is to be counted as the pioneer of changing Nepali cinema, I would say “HIGHWAY” for sure. Shot on DSLR, Nepali film teaming with top class American companies, selected for this year’s Berlin Film Festival is one part. But there is it’s another part too. This 2nd part itself is a question to all those Nepali movie haters. How will you hate Nepali Films now?

If you count till year 2011, Nepali film sector was really full of unprofessional, uneducated, don’t know what they are doing kinda people. And past decade was the decade of worst Nepali films most copied from Indian and Tamil films, leaded by so-called stars like Rekha Thapa, Nikhil Uprety, Biraj Bhatta and all. But things are changing and very quick.

Beginning of 2012 has been taken as good beginning for Nepali Cinema. Yet their were various things people didn’t like about. Akash Adhikari’s Kathmandu movie sucked with all unreal stories of high societies. Chapali Height was about sex, sex and sex. Even in LOOT, smoking cigarette on every single shot, abusive language and too much of Newari tone was like a full bottle of sugar in a cup of tea, which was much attractive for the youngsters but rest didn’t like it.

And finally, on 15 June 2012, Highway is coming to the silver screen. And it’s trailer itself ask us a question, “How will you hate HIGHWAY?”

If you are one of them who think Nepali movies suck, then watch Highway Trailer, and it will blow your mind.

If you are one of them who hate Nepali movies cuz’ they are mostly copied from Indian, Tamil or Korean movies, Nepal Banda and Chakka Jaam issues are nowhere than in Nepal and Highway story revolve around it.

If you are one of them who hated movie, KATHMANDU for such unreal High Class society stories. Be prepared for something so true that you might think, is this that neighborhood uncle’s story?

It’s really hard to mention all “one of them” cuz this list will go really long and I like keeping my blog post shot.

And to conclude, Have I watched this move? No, But it’s trailer speaks everything. Watch it Now

Jai Nepal