With the fastest increment in file sizes with 40 to 80 Megapixel digital cameras to 4K to 6K video files, the industry around technology has now started searching for a better format. Google has already been working and to some extent implementing WebP image file format. Another company is here with a solution to decrease file size of JPEG images files upto 1/5th of the original size. Meet JPEGmini.

JPEGmini is what it says of itself, it makes the file size of a regular image mini, meaning smaller. This will allow users to upload images much faster with the exact same image quality.

On the other hand, JPEGmini isn’t the only company/software doing this. Corel has been doing something similar since the 90s. Corel Paintshop Pro, a big competitor to Adobe Photoshop back in the 90s, was very popular for it’s compressed file sizes and it still does great job in image compression with its X6 version at present.

So, to all the Photoshop users, let hope Adobe comes up with something even better soon. And to people all around the world with slower internet. JPEGmini is a must for you.