Ek Chin with Namrata Shrestha Lex Limbu

Frankly speaking, I do follow Lex’s website or his youtube channel whenever I get time. I praise him for his use of online media among Nepalese and issues he brings forward.

If you are a follower too, you do know about ‘Lex in Nepal’ and Ek Chin with Namrata Shrestha’.

He did a good job being able to catch Namrata when most media people weren’t able to. But after watching that chat, now we know why and how he did.

Personally, if Iwas him I would have asked her couple more questions.  like…

  • Can you see yourself as where you are today in the Nepali Cinema industry if your scandal had never happened?
  • Don’t you think Amateur Sex Video shooting become kind of fashion among Nepali adults after your scandal and your reaction about it?
  • Some people comment, ” you are like.. laato ko desh ma gaado tanneri” in a sense that most talents aren’t interested in Nepali Cinema. What do you have to say?
  • and couple more..