With first international franchise ‘IDOL’ coming to Nepal, there seem to be more criticism than praise. While most of us praise the respect that’s seen in similar reality TV shows produced in the similar countries, we ought to forget how much judges are respected by the contestants and the viewers there.


If you honestly have not heard about him, then you know more singers and models, than composers and musicians in the music industry. Nhyoo dai is one of the legends in the music industry, and he has been composing amazing songs for numerous artists for decades.

Here are few of them:

Orali Lageko by Ram Krishna Dhakal was composed by him. This was one of those songs which established Ram Krisha Dhakal.

Phool ko Akha ma which established Ani Choying also was composed by him.

Ani Choying’s Mitho Muskan is also his composition.

And another everyone’s favorite song, sang by Sotang duo. “Aadhi Bato Hide Pachhi” is also composed by Nhyoo dai.

Another Ani Choying didi’s famous song, “Mata Thulo” is also Nhyoo dai’s composition.

Another hit was for Situ Kharel, “Kasto Mohani”. This song’s music video established Payal Shakya as a respected model.

Another hit song, Kya bore vayo by Yogeshwor Amatya was also composed by him.

He’s also the composer of “Saya Thari Baaja” patriotic song for a movie.

Another of his amazing composition is “Laija Chari” sang by Yogeshwor dai.

He’s also very well known for his patriotic songs like Bariko Kanlo and Shanti Lukau Kaha

All above are just few of his amazing compositions. I hope this corrects those criticizing him or those saying they have never heard of him.

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