facebook graph search

There were rumors that Facebook is working on something and finally it has been announced. It is “Search Engine”.

Seems like it’s an answer to Google+ by Google. Facebook was growing as the ONLY social media for both personal and business use. But when Google+ came up, it really gave Facebook a good competition and grabbed many Facebook users to Google+ with some of their features like Hangout.

So, now it looks like Facebook is preparing to hit Google back where it hurts the most, Search Engine.

Lets hope for the best for Facebook’s Graph Search, as competition is always better for the consumer/users like us.

Here’s the intro about Facebook’s Graph Search:


Also MY GUESS: In Apple next version of iOS upgrade, iOS-7, you can ask lot of stuffs to Siri and she will answer your questions so correct, it’ll amaze you. Yes Facebook Graph Search will¬†integrate with iOS-7.