boston marathon bombing


At around 2:50pm at Boston Marathon event, there were two explosions with a 10 second difference. Police have stated it as accident and as fire explosions. Though people and Marathon participants who were there say it was bomb explosion. Uptill now, police have announced 2 3 death and 100 plus injured and are on going treatment in nearby hospitals.

On the other hand, White House officials are also calling it a terrorist attack. President Obama has ordered FBI to hunt the bombers but hasn’t made any such statement call this incident as a terrorist attack.

The New York Times have also reported of three other explosive devices found in Boston, including one in Newton. People of USA had not yet forgotten the massacre of Connecticut, and now this one. It is horrifying the American people.

Lets pray for peace and stay safe.

Below is the video caught on camera by one of the journalist who was there to cover the Marathon story.