Democracy Challenge Winner 2010 Nepal
Yes, I am talking about Nepal, where there is said to be democracy, but people haven’t ever felt. And another truth is a young boy from Nepal won Youtube’s 2nd Democracy video challange. This is 2nd time in a row that a Nepali won this challenge. Last year also Tsering Choden (Founder of WAVE Magazine and Y!) won this challenge.

But again, the most surprising part is how are people of Nepal so knowledgeable of about Democracy. May be there very few people who knows what democracy or those who dream democracy in Nepal.

I guess, most people in Nepal may have a different view.

Is bombing your nearby village democracy? Is killing someone parents democracy? Is beating the hell out of someone just because he/she is from another political party democracy? Or, is politicians discussions on which party will get which Ministries giving damn about the country democracy..??

Questions remain unanswered forever, yet winning such a prestigious challenge makes us proud.

Hats off to Tsering Choden & Anup Poudel for the success

jai Nepal !!

Watch their video Here.

Winning Video – Democracy Challenge 2009 – by Tsering Choden

Winning Video – Democracy Challenge 2010 – by Anup Poudel