Deep Purple Nepal

Attention everyone,

Deep Purple concert which was expected on 03.15.13 has been cancelled. Ian Gillan, band member of Deep Purple has said that they were forced to cancel the event because of false promises from the promoter.

A statement made by Deep Purple band explains:

“Despite several assurances, Talent Brokers failed to deposit the fee into its registered escrow account, even though the band’s management allowed extra time for payment to be made.

“Deep Purple are deeply concerned that fans may feel that the band have let them down, and that those who bought tickets may not have been refunded.  The band wish to make it abundantly clear they were ready, willing and able to come to Nepal. Nevertheless, in view of Talent Brokers’ failure to comply with its payment obligations under the contract, the band had had no alternative but  to withdraw from the performance.”

Frontman Ian Gillan explains: “I hate it when this sort of thing happens – the first time ever in Nepal and it gets cancelled.

“I want to assure everyone that our management and agency bent over backwards to make this work. But every promise from the promoter was broken. Things dragged on to the last minute and then went past the deadline for our equipment to be delivered.

“Deep Purple will go through hurricanes, earthquakes, riots, and all kinds of hazards just to get there and do the show – but you do need competent connections to be able to achieve this.

“We are truly miserable that we couldn’t get there and would love to come over at the first opportunity.”

We hope everyone who have bought tickets of this event will get their money back.

Jai  Nepal !